What We Can Do for Your Business go Faster

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Building a shop from scratch
is easier than you think.

Yes. You got that right. Although it might seem impossible, with Shopoteque you can build your own online shop all by yourself just like you’ve always imagined. Follow the steps to find out how.


Choose from one of Shopoteque’s packages.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Write down all your business needs and map out the things that are mandatory and the things that can wait. When you’re done with that, go check our packages and see which one fits you most. And if you’re looking for something more special, let us help you customize a personalized package based on your needs.


Select a template.

Our templates have a special trait: versatility. One single template can be adjusted for various businesses from different areas of interest. When choosing one of our online shop templates keep in mind that all the colors, fonts and images can be personalized as you wish so they best fit your esthetics.


Share your domain name with us.

Why do we need your domain name? To set up everything so you and your team can be the only administrators and start working on your e-shop’s platform.

You’re halfway there.


Take a break. Unwind. The platform will be ready for you in 24-48h.

Right now, our team is already preparing the platform that will soon be ready for you. Why is it taking so long? Because we want our servers to be (really) secured, we install anti-fraud and anti-hacking modules and we make sure that your shop will be safe and perfectly functional.


Upload all your products & personalize your shop.

Now, the platform for your shop awaits you. Let your imagination wander and your creativity to drive you. Upload all your products, share the prices, load the images and edit the menu & pages exactly how you want. Nothing is impossible.


Activate your website & start to sell!

You made it! You finally have your own online shop and it was all so easy. Now you can brag about it and start increasing your sellings faster than ever. With Shopoteque, everything becomes easier, more profitable and fun!