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Shopoteque is an e-commerce platform where you can easily create your own online shop, without the struggling that comes with building a site from scratch. We bring you a wide range of templates from where you can choose lots of functionalities that will help you personalize your shop just as you wish.

Our e-commerce platform is build so that you can enjoy a simple and secured buildin process for your online shop. Right now, we have four templates in our portofolio that can be tailored for your needs, and more than 85 functionalities for you to choose, that will make both your and your clients' life easier.

With Shopoteque, all your products or services have a special spot on your website and can be presented just as you always wanted, with less effort. We worked hard on this platform and we optimized it so that you will enjoy a smooth and intuitive creation process.

Plus, we're here to answer all your questions and to offer you all the support you need in situations that are difficult to handle.

After you choose your desired package, you select the template and you communicate your domain name to us, you have to wait only 24 to 48 hours so that we can set up everything needed for your shop to function properly. Why is it taking so long? Because our servers need to be highly secured, we install modules anti-fraud and anti-hacking and we make sure your shop will be safe & perfectly working.

The set-up process for a domain name can be difficult sometimes and it requires a technical know-how that most of the people don't have. If you consider you need support on this we give you a hand with the set-up process.

Yes, you can manage your online shop by yourself. Our platform is easy to use and intuitive. If you feel like you need some help, you can access our video tutorials that we specially created for you and can be found in the administration platform.

In case our tutorials didn't answer to all your questions, you can receive technical support from us online or by phone, depending on the package you chose. Find here the complete functionalities list for all the three packages or find out how you can create a customized package based on you business' needs.

Every Shopoteque package was specially built to answer any businesses' needs, smaller or bigger. Starting with The Shop package, we added new functionalities that will come in handy for small, medium or big businesses. The following two packages, meet you with extra functionalities, while the Custom package offers you the freedom to choose only what fits you from over 85 functionalities.

Yes, you can create a customized package according to your needs. By choosing the Custom package, you enjoy the freedom to choose just what fits you best from more than 85 functionalities that we offer you.

If you need our help or just want to meet the people behind the scenes of Shopoteque, leave us a message either on Facebook or Instagram, or send us and e-mail at hi@shopoteque.com.

For the moment, to purchase one of our packages you need to contact us at hi@shopoteque.com or leave us a message here on the website.

You can pay for the chosen package either by a bank transfer, either by card with a TransferWise link that we will send to you. In case you choose a monthly subscription, the payment has to be made by the end of the current month for the next month, until the contract renewal. In case you choose a monthly subscription, the payment will be made integrally at the start of the contract period.

According to the package that you choose, you can have one (The Shop), 3 (The Market) or 10 (The Factory) administrators. In case you wish for more administrators, you can purchase more accounts for your colleagues, by choosing one of the extra functionalities. 

Our platform allows you to personalize your own shop online with the logo, images and colors of your brand. In case you want a custom templatehit us with a message and we'll make you an offer according to your request.

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