Blog 101 or why start writing right now

Blog 101 or why start writing right now
29 December 2022

Lot of our time is now spent in online. Either we're scrolling on Facebook or Instagram, or we read articles and shop, one thing is for sure: we spend more and more time with our smartphones or in front of our big screens. As an entrepreneur, this is a thing to be taken into consideration for sure, from the moment you decide to move your business online. Let's talk about blogs. What are blogs? How did they appear in online? What's the difference between a blog and a website?

We'll answer all these questions, one by one.

How did blogs grow up?

Initially, the blog was considered a kind of an online journal and this is where the name comes from: web log - blog. People who were writing on these blogs logged in everyday and started to write about their feelings, how they spent their day, what did they eat or what places they visited. Meanwhile, things have changed and people shortly understood that you can do so much more with a blog and we will cover that later in this article.

Most of the current website do have an active blog page that helps them keep their clients active.

How do we differentiate a blog from a website?

After a short research, we can observe that in the online space we have stand-alone blogs but also websites that contain blogs, as separate pages. 1/3 websites choose to implement a blog page in their sitemap because of the multiple benefits it can bring. In order to differentiate a stand-alone blog from a website, we need to pay attention to the structure of these two. A blog will always be composed only by articles. Some blogs do have an attractive homepage and the articles can be found in a different section, but still, the majority of nowadays blogs presents their articles on the first page. A website, on the other hand, will always be more complex, with landing pages, FAQ pages, services and many more.

Why is it so important to have a blog page on our website?

As we previously mentioned, a great majority of the current websites do have a blog page that helps them keep their clients active and posted about all the news. Probably the most important thing a blog does is inbound marketing.

nbound marketing is a concept that helps you indirectly attract clients, a revolutionary method that challenges everything we learned about marketing. With inbound marketing we show people random ideas and concepts that might have a little in common with our products to subtly switch their attention to acknowledging a need they have and to gently conduct them to making an acquisition. Sweet & short. For example, let's say we have an online shops that is selling sweets. On our blog, we will write articles with different recipes that can be made with our products. Our pretended client will discover a recipe that he really likes by just google searching it and he will be redirected to our website. He will read the recipe and he will want to try it, but for that, he will need our products that he will find in our online shop.

These are just a few of the many benefits a blog brings. It is crucial to build loyalty in your clients and blogging is one of the most powerful instruments to make sure that people will constantly visit our website, creating traffic and also, helping us sell.