You choose the pace at which you want to grow your business and online shop!

-25% if you choose the annual plan.

The Shop

1 GB: enough space to allow ~ 300 products

43 EUR/ month 34 EUR/ month

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The Market

5 GB: enough space to allow ~ 1700 products

103 EUR/ month 82 EUR/ month

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The Factory

25 GB: enough space to allow ~ 8000 products

313 EUR/ month 250 EUR/ month

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Shopoteque was specially designed to meet the needs of any business, from small to large. Any package contains absolutely all the functionalities developed by us, the difference is only in the space we allocate to your shop. You can start with the first space option, and we'll let you know if you're close to exceeding your store's space limit.

You can contact us, Shopoteque is here to offer you all the tools you need in order to develop your online shop with more than 75 functionalities.

Import products

Add new products into your shop quickly with the help of spreadsheets

Stock administration

Unlimited stock

Set your product with unlimited stock

Product variation

Build your product variations that suit your needs: color, sizes, etc.

Digital product

Product attachments

Allows adding various documents such as owners manual, brochures, etc.

SKU Code

Product stock unique code


Highlight your products with the help of badges

Empty stock message

Display a custom message for this scenario

Display empty stock products

Include empty stock products at the end of product list

Product images

Multiple images for a single product

Product video

Present your product with the help of a video clip

Product sheet

Display your product main features as a list or table

Similar products

Include similar products

Favourite products

Save a product into a favourite list

Flash sale

Sale a product for a limited amount of time at a specific price

Product Categories


Allow invoice generation in PDF format having your company details and logo, for a successful payment.


Allow proforma generation in PDF format having your company details and logo, for payments that require wire transfer.


Connect your shop to your SmartBill account to quickly generate invoices and manage your stocks.



Wire Transfer

Receive a payment directly into your account

Pay on delivery

Netopia payments

Coming soon...


Coming soon...

Google Payments

Coming soon...

Shop filters

Control your shop filter with a set of predefined options.

Multilingual support

Translate your shop into multiple languages.

Multi-currency support

Sell your products in different currencies, suitable for your business.


Support for multiple V.A.T. values on the same invoice.

Shipping methods

Define how your products will reach your customers.

Fast checkout

Allow placing orders even for customers without an account.

Order by Phone and/or WhatsApp


Customer relationship management (C.R.M.) is a technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.


Easily customise the layout, color scheme or fonts to used accross your shop.

Custom pages

Create unlimited custom pages that will complete your shop.


Frequently asked questions, or FAQs as they are known, are a great way to improve your customer's experience of your website. It allows you to answer the questions that are most commonly asked surrounding your product(s) or service(s).


Allow searching through your entire shop for products, pages or blog posts.


Control the content for various sliders: hero, brand or video

File management

Add, edit or organise your files with virtual directory support.

HTML SiteObjects

A simple, but powerful way to control small sections of content.

Predefined pages

We know that time is important and we have an easy way to start with our built in content for terms and conditions, privacy policy, return policy and cookie policy. micro data support

Allow web crawlers to understand your content better and faster.

XML Sitemaps


Realtime notifications, for shop owners, about the activity on their shop: orders, customers, subscribers, updates, etc.

Low Stock

Notify your customers when a product reached a certain low stock level. The alert level is customizabile for each product.

Abandoned Cart

An abandoned cart email is an email sent to customers who have added products to their shopping cart but failed to check out.

Low Price

Notify your customers when a product has reached a lower price.

SSL certificate with A+ grade validation

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates your shop identity and enables an encrypted connection between your shop and customers.

HTTP/2 protocol support

It will make your shop to be faster, simpler, and more robust.

HTTP Cache

Is an effective way to improve load performance because it reduces unnecessary network requests.


Unlimited number of administrators for your shop.

Web Standards

It includes a responsive design which means that the elements on your website (i.e., texts, images, videos) automatically adjust according to what device it is being visited from with respect to industry standards regarding SEO, accessibility and best practices.

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your login with time-based one-time password algorithm (TOTP). Each token has a lifetime of 30 seconds.

Shop availability

Accept orders only from allowed countries.

Image optimisation

Automatically optimise images, during upload, with the option to convert them to the .webp image format.

Maintenance mode

Prevent access to your shop while your is in maitenance mode. Usefull when making changes to your content or products.


Built-in automated tasks designed to enhance your shop overall experience.


Your shop is equipped with a full featured blog.


Google Merchant

Increase your visibility with our easy integration with Google's marketplace.

Product sharing

Share your product on various channels


Receive feedbacks or questions for a product


Integrates MailChimp subscriber management directly from your shop.


You can personalise for what customer a code is available and/or limit the time when it can be used.

Email Marketing

Send newsletter campaigns at scale. From 50 EUR/month

URL Shortener

Allows to shorten links and then share them with the ability to individually monitor traffic statistics. 20 EUR/month

Text Messages (S.M.S.)

Send messages to your customers for various events such as orders, payments or custom events. 15 EUR / 100 messages


Turn your shop into a Progressive Web Application with the ability to be used as a native mobile or desktop application. 15 EUR/month

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