Are you looking to take your online store to the next level?

Our e-commerce platform is here to help! With advanced tools and features, we can help you optimize your store and reach more customers.

Plus, our dedicated support team is always here to assist you with any questions or challenges you may face. Upgrade to our platform today and watch your sales rise to new heights.

Build and grow your online store with our e-commerce platform! Check out some of our best features!

With Shopoteque you will no longer have to worry about invoicing the products sold online, because their invoicing is automated. When selling with payment on delivery or by bank transfer, a proforma invoice is automatically issued, and the final invoice is automatically issued after receiving the money or when paying by online card.

Invoicing automation

A DIY e-commerce website for busy and non-technical users. No coding required. A lot of Marketing tools integrated within Shopoteque: e-mail marketing, promotion and sales, analytics and reports.

Easy-to-use and Marketing integrated

Shopoteque can easily and automatically be integrated with Google Merchant, all with a few clicks. Our platform is optimised in order to be used as easy as possible with Google Merchant sales solution.

Google Merchant optimised

Subscription based solution, you can chose from different types of subscription and functionalities. Access to main courriers and automated AWB are integrated directly within Shopoteque are just some of benefits you might need.

Courriers and automated AWB solution

Shopoteque is versatile and easily adjustable based on your needs and preferences and offers you a lot of integrated functionalities, in order to use only one single solution for promotion, sales and management of your online store.

Why choose Shopoteque to build your online shop?

All other existent solutions, like Shopify, are based on bot chats and robots support. We feel that any entrepreneur should be able to speak to a human being to manage a problem.

Human Approach

Do you want a beautiful online shop, easy to use, but also well SEO positioned? Shopoteque provides you with an SEO-optimized platform, for a better Google indexing of your online store.

SEO optimized shop

Have you come across other solutions to build an online store that you couldn't handle because you needed coding knowledge? With us, everything is as you see it, you don't need to know how to code to manage and build your online shop.

No coding required

From now on you will know exactly what the stock situation is for the products you sell online, thanks to automatic stock management and efficient reporting for easy management of your online store.

Sales & shop management