Statistics and trends for Mobile commerce

Statistics and trends for Mobile commerce
13 February 2024

We can't talk about m-commerce trends without providing a bit of context. Following the pandemic, all traditional businesses suffered, but that was not the case for e-commerce. Online, entrepreneurs struggled to keep up with the large number of orders. As a result, online sales are projected to reach 6.4 trillion dollars globally, by 2024.

Taking this into account, we can say with certainty that m-commerce has the potential to become one of the biggest shopping channels and to change consumer behavior at the same time, as consumers become increasingly dependent on digital devices such as phones, tablets, smart TVs, or even smartwatches.

But what are the other factors that will influence the direction of mobile shopping?

The increase in the use of mobile applications

Starting with 2018, the use of phone apps has surpassed that of browsers and is continually growing. Applications make the experience of using devices much smoother, as native ones load much faster than mobile sites, and their navigation is much simpler.

One-click checkout

One of the newest trends in e-commerce refers to the speed with which users go from product directly to checkout. This phenomenon happens because online stores collect information from users such as: email, delivery address, preferred payment method, etc.

Social commerce

This is the phenomenon that more and more businesses are turning to, which involves selling goods and services directly on social media platforms.


These are usually used to improve customer services and their experience on any site. Moreover, they can be implemented on social networks to further improve social commerce.

Personalized recommendations

Personalization becomes an essential part of increasing your store's sales, especially when we talk about mobile commerce. If a customer is shopping from their phone, the chances they will search through the entire product catalog are reduced. You need to facilitate the finding of products that suit them.

In conclusion, m-commerce must be taken very seriously by any online store. To make sure you fully profit from it, you need to ensure you have a reliable partner like Shopoteque that offers you all the necessary tools.