Your own online shop, a durable investment

Your own online shop, a durable investment
25 October 2022

Your own online shop, a durable investment

ÎIn these times in which uncertainty slowly but surely slipped into our entrepreneurial projects, our thoughts are solution-oriented in order to help us regain our business after the COVID-19 restrictions. A great part of Romanian merchants started to move their business online. This decision seems to be in everyone's mind, but it is important to analyze every aspect of it, in order to identify the pros and cons of different online promotion methods.

We have two option when we talk about e-commerce. Either we choose to collaborate with an umbrella website such as Emag where we will bring our products and we'll add the in their platform, or we build our own online shop from scratch.

We know. It seems complicated to start something for 0, but at the end of the day this choice will bring more to your business.

This is why it is good to build your own online store without investing a small fortune in it.

# With your own shop, you will be easier to find

By making an analogy, we can imagine we are in an tremendously big market. In this market there are over 1000 merchants selling and so are you. One of the 1000. From the moment a person enters the market, the chances for that person to find you and buy from you are somewhat smaller considering the size of the market. But if you would open a shop 10 feet before the market where you will show your products, people will see you first and because it's more comfortable for them, they'll buy those products from you. Same thing for online shopping. On a big platform, your products might get lost, but with your own shop you will be easier to find and your sells will blow up in no time.

By perfecting the SEO component, your website can easily be found in the top Google Searches, standing out from the crowd.

# You have full control on your marketing strategy

By being an independent online shop, the marketing strategy will be in your hands only. Perfecting the SEO component, your website can easily be found in the top Google Searches, standing out from the crowd. Also, with not being conditioned by the terms of a big e-commerce platform, your marketing options are unlimited. You can also find why you should post on your blog to attract clients through inbound marketing.

# You will attract and maintain clients

When you're an independent shop, the client that used your platform to purchase a product and it was satisfied by what he received, won't look for another website for a future purchase and will become a loyal client for your shop. Also, you will be presented a database of your clients which will help you promote your business through e-mail marketing. Contrary to popular opinion, a recent study shows that currently the open rates for e-mail marketing are 17 to 20 percent. So, a good campaign with relevant content and an attractive subject-line could easily keep your clients active and, why not, bring you some new ones.

# You will spend less

When you partner with an established e-commerce platform, the costs are much higher because not only will you have to pay for the hosting feature monthly, but you will most likely have to redirect a percentage of your sales to them. If you choose to create your own online shop with Shopoteque, you will choose your own plan based on your budget and what's more, if none of the plans fit your needs, you will be able to build your own a customized plan, adding only the features you need.

Still not convinced on the benefits of an independent shop? We challenge you to make a list with pros and cons: e-commerce platform versus your own online shop, after you analyze our plans, here.